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Prioritize your style without sacrificing your role as a working mom

I’ll teach you how to embrace your body and lifestyle changes with a versatile wardrobe that keeps you stylish!


As a fellow working mom, I’ll let
you in on a secret.

It’s easy to put style on the back burner

We’re incredibly busy women who are


  • Growing families that bring us joy,

  • Climbing the corporate ladder in careers we love, and

  • Balancing business and personal calendars that keep us on our toes.


With all that going on, putting looks together is the furthest thing from our minds. In fact, walking into your closet can feel…


That’s why you’re constantly running late to functions. It’s a struggle to create a combination that looks good and fits the occasion. And, creating a transitional look that can go from office to date night seems impossible.

& Frustrating

You used to be more intentional about your style and could feel confident in just about anything. But since your body has made beautiful babies and welcomed every luscious curve of womanhood, you feel like you’ve lost your fashion edge.

Let’s face it. Your wardrobe could use a serious shake-up.

It’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to

X Apologizing for trying to fit into a style that’s not you.


X Thinking you have to be the “right size” to be stylish.


X Waiting until you’ve reached a certain level of success to         dress the part.

And wave ‘hello’ to

Making yourself a priority.


Loving how you look every day, no matter where you go.


Having a signature look that ignites your confidence and 

    creates an effortless approach to getting dressed.


Most importantly,

It's time to have a wardrobe that matches the woman you are on the inside:

Beautiful - Confident - Powerful


Hi, I’m Tami!

As a Style Coach, I teach working moms how to create a versatile wardrobe that fits their professional and personal lives while embracing their fluctuating bodies and busy lifestyles.


When it comes to staying stylish and juggling the demands of work, motherhood, and your social life, you need a flattering, effortless, and transitional wardrobe that doesn’t miss a beat.


No worries; I got you!


Through my one-of-a-kind process, The Wardrobe Remix Method, I’ll show you how to wear your clothes in multiple ways to maximize your wardrobe and complement your body shape. You’ll walk away with chic looks that won’t run up your credit card with new clothes you may or may not wear.

I’ll even teach you how to mix styles, colors, patterns, and accessories to showcase your unique personality so you’re ready to show up and show out for any occasion!


I’m interested in learning your style challenges, but I’m also committed to helping you get to the core of those mindset blocks holding back your inner Stylista. Let’s start your journey of curating a closet full of endless style possibilities today!

Like a classic pair of jeans, the fit is everything

Solutions tailored to your unique style

box-2A-72dpi copy.jpg

You know you’re trendy and own your style, but you can’t quite mix and match the pieces you have.


You’re looking to discover new ways to wear the clothes in your closet to maximize seasonal pieces or add basics for more versatility.

box-1-72dpi copy.jpg

Have a busy social calendar, work schedule, and family commitments?


With zero time to think about style; you need someone to maximize your wardrobe with stylish, versatile options. I’ll help you stroll into your closet and come out with an outfit for any occasion.

box-3-72dpi copy.jpg

Your closet has pressed snooze and never woke up. Personal style? What’s that?


It’s time you understand what clothes work for your shape and lifestyle. Inject your personality into your clothes and walk into any room with style all your own.

Love From My Fashionistas

Tami has a knack for putting different styles together and knowing what someone else will like, what they can wear and feel good wearing without losing their individuality. When we shop, she puts together outfits that look great on my body type (5’8, long legs, short torso) that I would never think to put together myself.  Most importantly, she helps you accessorize in a way that dresses your outfit up or down. Shopping with Tami is fun and like shopping with your best friend.

Tami  has been my personal style coach for years. I began to use her services years ago, shortly after finishing grad school and having a child. I remember feeling out of touch with both fashion and time. I contacted Tami, and she agreed to pick up a few items for me. These items were not only essential, but they complimented my personality and, most importantly, gave me that boost of confidence needed to conquer new endeavors. I currently consult Tami before making any major purchases.

Schedule a free 30-minute Style Direction Call
and find the joy in dressing again.

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