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Style lives within every woman.

You need a style expert who can walk you through your challenges and spend time getting to know you and your lifestyle — someone who explores your fashion goals and comes up with style solutions that fit your body and personality.


This is Exclusively Styled®.

Versatile fashion, for the modern working mom

I’m Tami Harrigan

Style Coach | Mom | Entrepreneur | Career Woman | Wardrobe Remixer

For me, it’s all about the details. Knowing what flatters your shape and highlights your body is just as important as the perfect accessory. I learned this as a little girl watching my mother, a seamstress, design and sew clothes. She taught me,


If it doesn't make you happy when you wear it, it doesn't belong in your wardrobe.


After I had my daughter and was reporting back to the boardroom, my closet was not as accommodating to me postpartum. I still wanted to rock my savvy corporate outfits and stunning date night looks, but I had to make room for a new category – working mom. To make it work in my favor, I altered my approach to fashion and embraced my suddenly changed body.

It occurred to me that I needed versatile pieces I could put together in seconds. I wanted to go from a blazer and heels to a sweatshirt and sneakers without compromising style. It didn’t take long before I was confidently putting looks together that made me look good and feel even better!


Once I overcame my own style challenges, it was

clear that my calling wasn't in Finance and

Marketing anymore. I thought…

If someone like me, who always knew style,

fashion, and how to dress her body, was

struggling with her wardrobe, then thousands

of other women must be experiencing

the same challenges.


I knew my true purpose was personal style coaching.


I created Exclusively Styled in 2009 and began styling

fellow working moms and women who wanted to

banish their fashion barriers and break down

walls hiding their style.

Exclusively Styled is on a mission to be the go-to for working moms everywhere looking for style and fashion guidance.

As your style coach, I’m not here to tell you what I think you should wear. This working relationship is about exploring your taste, what styles make you feel beautiful, and the pieces that align with your amazing personality. With my signature process, The Wardrobe Remix Method, I’ll teach you how to incorporate style strategy and fashion tools to create the perfect outfit for any event.


It’s about keeping you stylish no matter where you go or how you change.


When you have a wardrobe that’s uncomplicated, 100% your style, and fits you like a glove, it's easy to walk into your closet and see all the gorgeous combinations.

Keeping you Stylish,


My Take on Style

Style is not fast fashion or following trends. Style is a reflection of your personality. Great style says who you are without you having to say a word. When you know how to mix the right pieces to get the perfect look–that’s when you know you have style.


A true style icon never leaves the house without…

Accessories! I’m a hoop girl through and through. I can’t help but buy a new pair of earrings every time I go shopping
(yes, I have a problem)!


What’s a fashion print that never goes out of style?

Leopard print! There are so many ways to wear it. It’ll spice up any outfit immediately!

Your faves?

Intoxicating scented candles, dark chocolate, and travel.


Most spontaneous thing you’ve done lately?

We purchased a dog during the pandemic. I never thought I’d be a dog mom, but now I’m obsessed with our fur baby!

Personal style is a way of life; I’m ready to show you how to find yours.
Let’s remix your wardrobe!

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