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Discover Your Fashion Superpower 

Day to Night
Outfit Challenge

It’s day two of the Day To Night Outfit Challenge and here are steps three and four.


Step 3: Select your Shoes


Decide which shoes will elevate your outfit. During the day you may wear flats, loafers and maybe even dressy sneakers.


For the evening you want to step it up a bit, so wearing heels (stiletto or block heel) in a pump or boot works well. If you don’t like wearing heels, a pointed toe flat or one with an ankle strap or animal print will also elevate your look.


If you’re already wearing heels during the day, you’re set since they can also work for your evening look.


Style Thought: Heels will always elevate your look, so make sure you have a pair that you love.


Step 4: Pick your Jewelry


Sort through your jewelry to determine which pieces are more casual for your daytime outfit and those that are a bit more dramatic, and make a statement, for your evening outfit. Depending on how dramatic your statement piece is, it can quickly become the focal point of your outfit.


Jewelry that’s more casual and good to wear during the day are small to medium earrings with simple designs, like hoops and studs, and delicate, single and multi-layered necklaces. The statement pieces that work well for dressing up your outfit are earrings that are bold, larger in size, have more pronounced bling or fringe, and medium to large multi-layered, chunky necklaces.


Style Thought: Statement jewelry is an easy way to transform your look and a great conversation starter.     

Stay tuned for your last step…


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Keeping You Stylish,


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